Human Right, Iowa Legal Aid, The Boys Club, and North Middle School...

Human Right, Iowa Legal Aid, The Boys Club, and North Middle School Students Helping the Homeless

January 26, 2011 – (RealEstateRama) — Human Rights, Iowa Legal Aid, The Boys Club, and North Middle School Students Helping the Homeless

Human Rights VISTAs, Legal Aid, The Boys Club and North Middle School Students have all been hard at work gathering much needed items for the homeless in our community. All have devoted time to increase the awareness and advocacy of homeless by requesting donations of items which will be passed out during the annual Point in Time Count.

Human Rights, Legal Aid and The Boys Club coordinated a Blanket and Sock Drive for the Homeless. The drive was held from January 17th through January 24th and provided 9 drop-off locations throughout Sioux City. A total of 1,926 pairs of socks, 384 blankets, 92 coats, 170 articles of clothing, 33 scarves, 95 stocking caps, and countless additional items such as pillows, shoes and gloves have been donated. The community support for this event has been tremendous. Additionally, a total of $1,277 has been donated to the Siouxland Coalition to End Homelessness. This money will be used in future months to continue supporting these efforts.

North Middle School I-JAG (Iowa Jobs for America’s Graduate) students took part in Iowa State University Extension’s Reach Out Iowa Service Learning program. The program is funded by the National Learn and Serve Commission and helps youth to study issues and concerns in their community. The final activity in the program encourages the youth to choose a project based on what they have learned during the program.

The 8th grade North Middle I-JAG class identified homelessness as the need they were most concerned with in the community. The goal of the class was to fill 100 backpacks with various items to assist the homeless in making it through the cold months. The items were donated through a drive held at North Middle School and at Wal-Mart during the month of December. Donated items include band-aids, socks, sweatshirts, toiletries, and gloves. The youth will be giving out the backpacks at the annual Point In Time count that is taken each year by the City and the Siouxland Coalition to End Homelessness.

The Point in Time count is mandated by HUD (Office of Housing and Urban Development) to be done in communities that receive federal funding for homeless populations.

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